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Better understanding of the problem
  1. Researchers who work in the lab may at times lack items/consumables that run low without their knowledge, causing their experiments are delayed. Purchasing an inventory system would involve a high cost for a start up like us. Current solution is to update the quantity using a whiteboard or by word of mouth. This may work for frequently used items but not so for seldom used ones. On top of that, the are a lot of items to track (at least 100), which makes manual inventory tracking very tedious.
  2. Current experiments are performed without monitoring the actual cost. Many items are being used in an experiment which makes it difficult to track. Furthermore, errors may happen during the experiment which will increase the cost from repeating the experiment. A system to track the costing will enable us to know how much each experiment cost for better quoting of our services.
  3. Social media is an important marketing platform. Linkedin is currently used by our company to provide the latest updates and news. However, this is not linked to our company website who does not have an IT savvy staff. An easy-to-use tool is needed for such a frequent update on the website.
  1. Some small & medium organizations are still finding it difficult to adopt fully to digital platform as thier staff are not fully digital/tech savvy.
  2. As the country is progressing fast in this digital era, the silver generation & beyond finds it difficult to catch up in this digital age. How can we come up with a friendly system/app to educate them in to be more confident using the different technology platforms?

As Einstein says we cannot solve the problem with the same mindset that we created it .So it is important to change our perspectives in times of change and uncertainty to help people live abundant and purposeful life

Not yet explored any digital solutions

Disposable ware has to be incinerated, while biodegradable packaging does not work well for Singapore since our trash is incinerated. How do we design food packaging that is functional but has a minimal carbon footprint?

  1. For the purpose of this problem statement, Prudential will make available at no cost to the teams (a) details of the 4I Innovation Framework; and (b) the Smart Explorer app ( for teams to build their prototype on.  The objective is to share innovation best practices more widely, and do find identify co-creation partners who will help to build up the innovation ecosystem.
  2. COVID-19 has caused schools to restrict activities such as orientation, larger-scale training workshops, inter-school competitions, etc.  This project seeks to find ways for schools and/ or groups of students within the schools (eg. in CCAs, or involved in inter-school activities) to still seamlessly communicate and carry on their activities in a safe and fun manner.  A suggested deliverable is a playbook of some best practices that have been tested out in the real world context.


Currently while parents are signing by their children for a variety of enrichment classes, there is no consolidated tracking mechanism where the progress of learning can be captured across all enrichment activities. Parents are unable to assess if their child has achieved a certain level of competency or have a holistic view of their achievements.

By offering a new capability to accurately profile learning progress in various domains (across all enrichment partners), this also allows us to offer an experience that is so sticky that education partners would want to adopt and parents would appreciate the offerings within our ecosystem of learning providers. This aggregated report would also enable the education provider to provide a differentiated learning experience from student-to-student and allows the parent to consider related courses that could leverage on her child’s current abilities or develop new skills to help her child hone this ability, opening up a whole myriad of opportunities for learning.

Many of our professionals are intelligent and capable but they lose out because they are poor communicators

  1. It’s a newly developed product of Sogurt that we are trying to market. (Sogurt was formerly known more as a soft-serve froyo retail format). This new product is “hardserve” ice-cream prepacked format (not from machine).

IH BioEnergy Services

Many people start looking at financial planning and protection only later in life, and this limits their options because they are financially constrained then.  Prudential has identified 3 key personas of young people:

  • Achievers, who are focused on attaining career and material success;
  • Adventurers, who would like to experience more of the world and have the personal philosophy of YOLO; and
  • Advocates, people who care about and serve passionately in their chosen causes.

How might Prudential help each (or any one of these groups) live out their aspirations?

Prudential would like to engage existing customers throughout their life events/milestones and recommending suitable policies to them at appropriate junctures, instead of having a transnational relationship with our customers.

Given that Singapore is a hub for foreign workers, what can insurer do to complement existing coverage given by their employer?  This could be through a new product stream or could be through a different selling strategy.

Demographic trends and social listening could help identify new opportunities.  This project would leverage external data sources from, or publically available figures from the websites of the Monetary Authority of Singapore or the Life Insurance Association of Singapore, or similarly credible sources, to build and test a business case or a data model.  Upon request, and identification of a good use case, Prudential can support with the provision of anonymized internal data.

Renovation works and the sheer size of the hospital campus are few of the many challenges for patients when navigating the hospital, especially for those on wheelchairs or with mobility issues. There are patients who lost their way in the hospital, missed their appointment and went home. This affects their medical follow-up and rehabilitation.

To ease some of these difficulties, there are medical escorts who accompany patients during their medical appointments, including navigating the hospital and taking note of doctor’s instructions. Currently, medical escort services are provided by volunteer welfare organisations and social enterprises in Singapore. However the demand for these services surpasses supply, causing patients to wait up to four months to attend their medical appointments.

SGH volunteers are stationed at specific locations to assist with navigation, but these volunteers are limited to only directing patients and not following them throughout the journey. We also attempted to recruit volunteers to chaperone patients, but the recruitment process and take-up rate has been poor. We would ideally like to have more cost-effective solutions for this issue.

Patients have to crush/grind certain medication pills for easy ingestion or to be used with a feeding tube. Seniors reported having difficulties with existing pill crusher devices in the market. This affects their medication compliance.

The pills cannot be crushed finely enough as the devices can be challenging for weak hands to use existing and affordable devices are not ergonomically friendly for seniors to use (likely to be used by professionals or caregivers), whereas automated (electronic) devices are too expensive.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and as our environments and habits change, the kitchen as we know it will evolve drastically. People and living spaces are becoming more fluid. Food sustainability and waste are becoming an increasingly urgent issue. Instant grocery delivery is altering how we shop and store food and technology will have a part to play in all of this. What will the kitchen of the future look like? How might kitchen tools adapt and change? What will it feel like to cook, eat, and socialize in the kitchen?

Bridgewater Holdings Pte Ltd

For several years, we have not paid attention to branding and marketing matters.

Option 1) redistribute uncontaminated food at discounted rate

Option 2) effective means to convert wasted food into useful bio waste or energy

Options 3) predict pre-order amount of food to be prepared and keep

1. Helping homeless people reconnect relationally and find safe accepting communities
2. Protecting their physical safety, health, and belongings
3. Providing financial education, assurance and even investment opportunities for extremely low-income people
4. Helping social workers help their clients find safe homes faster

Health serve

Refer to doc ” food insecurity and health of bangladsleshi workers in singapore”

Millennials also feel that their jobs have an outsize role in their overall mental health. Because of longer work hours and stagnant wages, millennials suffer from higher rates of burnout than other generations. Many of them have even quit their jobs for mental-health reasons.

Polytechnic Ministry is run by volunteers therefore volunteers management and coordination is very important to create a better volunteering experience. We organize events on a regular basis and often need volunteers to help. Volunteers will help as a logistics person, group host, emceeing etc. The way they have been activated is base on who is connected with them and it is usually 1 month before an event. We usually have the same group of volunteers or some of them already had plans. We buy insurance for volunteers who help at the event. We need their NRIC, DOB and Full name. Often a time these data are not store for future event once the event is over. And there is a challenge to refer back to past events as there is no where we keep track who help out at which events.

According to the NEA biennial Customer Satisfaction Survey on Public Waste Collection Scheme 2018, around 6 in 10 Singapore households are recycling regularly. While this is good, it is still far away from the government’s goal towards Zero Waste. More should be done to improve recycling knowledge such that they do not mistake contaminants (e.g. soiled paper food packaging and styrofoam) as recyclables as well as improve convenience for residents to recycle more often.



In a world full of game players,
the only way to set yourself apart is to be a game changer.
Matshona Dhliwayo

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