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What is the starting point of innovation? When does it really end? To spark innovation is acquiring the ability to spot the gap between what could be and what is now. The end point of innovation is a creation that improve the lives of its beneficiaries. PYTB 2020 is all about guiding our participants through the REAL process to create a bridge in that gap that leaves a positive impact.

Why Prudential Young Trailblazers 2020

Every Participant Counts

Experienced leaders of their own fields will guide students


Prototype & Validation

Testing real solutions for real industry problem with validations before adaptation



An intensive bootcamp for idea incubation, prototyping and pitching.


Without Additional Costs

A key process that attracts new customers is the value provided without having to spend more


Business Pitching

 Creating followership within 3 minutes in their presentation

Other Highlights

Future Ready Skills


Learning Journeys


Idea Incubation


Prototype & Validation


Alumni Club


Certificate of Participation

Sample Design Challenges

These design challenges have been contributed by our lead collaborator, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore, as well as from our industry mentors. Although there is no scope to the competition, we would encourage participants to consider either taking these design challenges on or amending them.

By Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

  • How can we provide an aging-friendly eco-system that allows seniors to take charge of their own health and wellness?
  • How might we get younger generations to better recognize and celebrate the achievements of seniors?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can we provide elderly friendly products and services for an aging population, environment-friendly products & services for sustainability?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can caretakers for patients with dementia be better supported?
  • How can we decrease the rate of diabetes in young adults?
  • How can we allow elderlies with injuries to be self-sustaining at home?

By Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

  • How might we help match social causes with volunteers and funding so that more time is spent doing good and less time spent looking for resources?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can Singapore, a developed country, channel donor resources effectively and in a timely manner to the poor/under privilege?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can we promote an understanding of and combat climate change?
  • How can we overcome the barriers of culture, comfort, and convenience to enable middle-class families to adopt environmentally friendly behavior in the household?
  • How can we promote a plastic-free life that is convenient and easy?
  • How can we reduce food wastage?
  • How can we make waste recycling sustainable, convenient and enjoyable on campus?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can we avoid dialect languages from being forgotten?
  • How can we create an ecosystem which allows full-time mothers to contribute to the workforce?
  • How can we create platforms for people with mental illness to speak up?
  • How can we address rising mental health issues in Singapore?
  • How can we create platforms for marginalised youths to be independent?
  • How can we create socialisation opportunities between migrant workers and locals that are conscious of power dynamics?
  • How can we create opportunities for mutually beneficial friendships between foreigners and locals?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can we improve technology adoption among Singaporeans?
  • How can we promote quality face to face communication among youth? (In a generation where many youths are considered absorbed with technology such as phones, many neglect face to face communication with people.)
  • How can we encourage and increase technology adoption among the elderly to improve quality of life?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can we design a training programme for someone who would like to pick up a new sport to achieve a level of proficiency with reduced time needed?
  • How can we simplify the process of payment and have a health market measurement in the fitness industry?

By our Industry Mentors

  • How can we resolve the high turnover rate of manpower in the food and beverage industry?
  • How can we provide a constant temperature in the car under extreme hot or cold weather? (Prevent cars from breaking down due to adverse weather)
  • How can we reduce illegal parking of trolleys?
  • How can we reduce the mishandling of public e-scooters and bicycles?
  • How to effectively channel youths who have an interest in the arts to the most suitable institutions based on their level of desired commitment?

The people that are crazy enough
to think they can change the world are the ones that do.
Steve Jobs

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